Moving images. Anytime, anywhere.

We take you through the video ecosystem.

Everything is video

The experts at EMG Content Services understand your business. Working at the intersection of marketing, content and technology, we provide an integral perspective on how you can enhance your role in the value chain.

We act as your strategic partner to deliver your video content to all of your audiences, on all of their devices, at the highest level of quality. We analyse traffic and user data to optimise your reach and maximise your impact.

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  • Preparing your content for more viewers

    We prepare your content for more viewers on more devices. Your costs and hassles decrease, while your audiences increase. We help generate more traffic through the right mix of distribution channels and promotion.

  • Building reputations through asset management

    If your corporation has a lot of video content, and aspirations to create more, you need a solution that helps support your reputation. Your company’s entire video library can be accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device. On brand and on target.

  • Viewing pleasure on a dedicated platform

    A dedicated online video platform brings your content to your audiences’ screens. Linear or on-demand. Fully scalable and always accessible. Multi-screen flows for ultimate efficiency. Your platform will make your content shine.

  • Fast-tracking to long-tail valuation

    In the age of free online video platforms and social media sharing, effectively managing your video assets is key. Integration of social media and innovative business models puts you on the fast track to real profits.

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